Dr. med. Farnaz Fahimi

Dr. Farnaz Fahimi MD, specialist for ayurveda, mind body medicin and ENT.

How you come in harmony with your own nature, without a medical odyssey, with a holistic approach

I help people to resolve chronic complaints and health problems through evidence-based naturopathy, ayurveda and mind-body medicine.

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Your advantages

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Your complaints subside

Healing is a natural process that can be initiated and I can help you to help yourself. If you follow the suggestions, your complaints will be reduced or you will know what to do to finally become free of complaints.

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You get your life energy back

Physical and mental tension rob us of the strength we need for our lives. You will feel a zest for action again and want to take your health into your own hands.

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Find confidence in your path

As a recognised medical specialist with years of professional experience in naturopathy, I know what really helps and what is important. I show you step-by-step the way to your health well-being and the contact to your intuition.

What you get in my programme.

Personal care

You will be personally coached by me and receive all my knowledge. I adapt my coaching to your situation and achieve your goal.

Understanding about your real problem

Health is more than just the fight against a disease. In fact, symptoms always have a signalling function, which only needs to be understood and lived through over time.

Simple instructions for self-healing

Together with you we will develop a plan that is suitable for you and that you will be able to implement easily. According to the motto 'less is more' we will find the right way for you to heal yourself.

Ayurvedic constitutional analysis

Based on the millennia-old treasure of Ayurvedic medicine, I show you that your complaints are completely individual. Which imbalances you can correct so that it heals.

Mind-body medicine

Based on the connections between body and mind researched in the USA, I and my team will provide you with the best tools for self-healing.

Become your own expert

Lasting success requires lifelong self-care. You will learn what has blocked you from taking care of yourself and how you can stay healthy throughout your life without having to hand over your responsibilities to numerous specialists.

About me

I discovered my passion for medicine at an early age. Inspired by my older sister and brother-in-law, who both run successful medical centres in the Ruhr area, I began my journey and completed my medical studies and specialist training in ENT medicine.

Through travelling, I discovered various alternative healing methods and gained confidence in ancient traditional systems of medicine.

I intensified my knowledge of complementary medicine during my doctoral thesis and attended the Ayurveda course at the European Academy in Birstein while working. After my training, I immediately joined the Ayurveda outpatient clinic at Immanuel Krankenhaus am Wannsee in Berlin. There I was able to offer patients a competent consultation in the university outpatient clinic, teach medical students and accompany patients for weeks as a MindBodyMedicine therapist in the naturopathy day clinic.

During the holidays, I followed my heart project and cured with other experts Ayurveda Intensive and MindBodyMedicine on a beautiful organic farm in the Algarve. This project has already existed for 6 years. 

With the decision to move our life centre to a permaculture farm, I work as an Ayurvedic doctor and MBM therapist online for Algarveda and Kianava and dedicate my focus to the medical cures on site.

The holistic view of a life situation has become my most important starting point to help people improve their situation in a targeted and lasting way and to heal physical ailments.

Today, I find my fulfilment in helping other people to find their individual lifestyle changes as well, and to help themselves with focused reflection and my expertise. Perhaps you also need an insight into holistic medicine and the possibilities of self-healing?

I look forward to getting to know you.

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